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From a Parent:

My son started working with Deb twice a week when he was in second grade. Over the next two years, he made amazing strides. That was seven years ago - he's now a freshman in high school and a member of the National Honor Society.

When my daughter's development was not as quick, Deb recommended getting both a school and an outside evaluation. My daughter was diagnosed with Specific Learning Disorder - Visual and Spatial. Deb gave me the knowledge that I needed to advocate for my daughter and get her the services she needed in school.

No child "wants" to spend extra time outside of school doing homework; however, Deb makes it fun for her students by introducing the strategies and then incorporating fun games so the children don't even realize they're still learning. She also explained strategies to me so I could reinforce them at home. She is an amazing educator, and I would highly recommend her to any parent and child. ~ N.K.

From a Student

I spent years struggling with dyslexia and trying different programs. By sophomore year, I felt frustrated and hopeless. In my senior year, I met Deb Morris. As I started working with Deb, I quickly got a feel for her knowledge, insights, and drive. I learned that O-G is not like other programs. I had always felt like my brain was a map with a bunch of missing roads and bridges. Using the O-G approach, Deb was able to help me build the connections that were missing. As my teacher, she went above and beyond by making me feel more empowered not just with reading, writing, and spelling but also with how my brain works.

Over the years I've gotten to see Deb work with students and form connections. A program is only as good as its teacher. It's important for kids that struggle with learning to have someone that believes in them even when they don't believe in their own abilities. ~ C.M.

From a Trainee

I've known Deb for over ten years, first as a colleague and then as mentor. I already had a Master's from a teacher preparation program when I began studying with her, but I learned an incredible amount about effective teaching, not limited to the areas of reading and writing, from my work with her.

She has a special constellation of traits that make her a wonderful teacher; she is extremely knowledgeable and also straightforward, and she guides her students and trainees with empathy, generosity, and humor. She will teach you everything there is to know about the English language and make you laugh while you’re at it.

She is a true master teacher and master of Orton-Gillingham. ~K.T.

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